TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Liquid

Power Through Spatter with the NEW TOUGH GUN TT4A and TT4E Reamer Nozzle Cleaning Stations

TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter liquid is a ready-to-use water-soluble, non-toxic product developed to address the performance and environmental concerns of metal fabricators. Unlike oil-based anti-spatter solutions, TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid won’t clog the sprayer.

By prolonging the life of your consumables and reducing the need for downtime, TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid can help to reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

How It Works

When exposed to heat, TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid creates a sacrificial barrier around the nozzle. Spatter sticks to this barrier and breaks away, leaving the consumables clean, extending the life of your consumables.


TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter liquid:

  • Requires less product to do the job than competing solutions
  • Provides uniform protection
  • Won’t clog sprayers or nozzle cleaning stations like oil-based anti-spatter solutions
  • Doesn’t contain petroleum derivatives
  • Won’t harm machinery
  • Won’t contaminate surfaces — cleans up easily. Remove TOUGH GARD residue with clean water. Burnt or scorched residue not easily cleaned with clean water may require mechanical remove for best results
  • Is safe for the environment — water-based and biodegradable
  • Is safe to use — non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive

Warning: Effectiveness of this product will be reduced if diluted.

Part NumberDescription
TG-101-055.28 U.S. Gal. / 20 L
TG-101-5555 U.S. Gal. / 208 L
TG-101-011 U.S. Gal. / 3.78 L
TG-101-32SP32 fl. oz. / 946 mL (Spray Bottle)
TG-101-14S16.9 fl. oz. / 500 mL
TOUGH GUN TT4 Reamer - front view

TOUGH GUN® TT4A and TT4E Reamers

The TOUGH GUN TT4 reamer robotic nozzle cleaning station — now available in both analog and Ethernet models — is TOUGH on spatter and operates reliably in even the harshest welding environments. Automating spatter removal will help to extend the life of your robotic MIG guns and consumables, benefiting both your bottom line and your production uptime and throughput.
Learn more about the TOUGH GUN TT4A reamer or the TOUGH GUN TT4E reamer.

TOUGH GUN TT4 Reamer on a TOUGH GUN Multi-Feed System

TOUGH GARD® Anti-Spatter Multi-Feed System

Interested in the ultimate solution to refilling the reservoirs on your nozzle cleaning stations? Feed up to 10 TOUGH GUN reamer units from a single 5-gallon or 55-gallon drum of TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid with the TOUGH GARD multi-feed system. Find out more.

TOUGH GUN TT4 Reamer spray containment unit

Spray Containment

This innovative spray containment unit from Tregaskiss helps prevent air contamination by catching anti-spatter overspray in its sealed basin, improving the air quality of the working environment and maintaining the cleanliness of the weld cell. Learn more.


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