MIG Welding Gun Liners

Bernard and Tregaskiss offer various conventional rear-loading, innovative front-loading, and other revolutionary MIG welding liner solutions.

Coiled AccuLock S liner

NEW!! AccuLock™ S Liners

Load and Lock for Better Productivity

  • Flawless wire-feed path – An essential component of the complete AccuLock S consumables system, AccuLock S liners are locked and concentrically aligned to both the contact tip and the power pin without the use of fasteners
  • Error-proof liner replacement every time with no measuring!



Load your liners from the front of the MIG gun in less than half the time it takes to install conventional liners.

QUICK LOAD Autolength cutaway image

QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength™ System

Minimize downtime, wire feeding and quality issues commonly associated with short liner length.

Family of color-coded Bernard conventional liners

Bernard Conventional Liners

  • Simplify and reduce your inventory with Bernard® conventional liners
  • Color-coded by wire size for ease of identification
  • Made of high carbon music wire to achieve smooth wire feed and long life
  • These rear-loading liners won’t gap when bent

Coiled conventional liner shown from top at 45-degree angle

Conventional Liners

Ideal for aluminum, steel, stainless steel and flux-cored wire, conventional liners are made of high carbon music wire for smooth wire feed and long life.