TOUGH ACCESS Consumables

Worried about hard to reach welds? 

TOUGH ACCESS® consumables are a sleek line of consumables (including retaining heads and nozzles) that allow entry into those hard-to-reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible due to fixture design or weldment.

Available in straight bore (5/8″) and bottleneck (1/2″) style nozzles, these unique consumables are compatible with TOUGH LOCK® contact tips and TOUGH GUN® aluminum armored necks.

  • Sleek profile nozzles with 0.850″ (21.59 mm) outside diameter (available in straight bore and bottleneck* style)

*Standard Duty consumables are recommended for use with bottleneck style nozzles


Retaining Heads

Part NumberDescription
404-50-25Heavy Duty Retaining Head
404-54-25Standard Duty Retaining Head

Neck Insulators

Part NumberDescription
402-17-25Neck Insulator


Part NumberDescription
401-54-62Straight bore – 5/8” bore, 1/8” tip recess, straight inside bore
401-56-62Straight bore – 5/8” bore, 1/8” tip stick out, straight inside bore
401-55-50Bottleneck* – 1/2″ bore, flush tip, tapered inside bore
401-56-50Bottleneck* – 1/2″ bore, 1/8” tip stick out, tapered inside bore
401-57-50Bottleneck* – 1/2″ bore, 1/4″ tip stick out, tapered inside bore

*Standard Duty consumables are recommended for bottleneck style nozzles

Mounting Arms

Part NumberDescription
AS-306-5for 180 degree medium length neck (part # 405-180QC)
AS-306-6for 22 degree short length neck (part # 405-22QC)
AS-306-7for 45 degree short length neck (part # 405-45QC)

TOUGH GUN® Reamer Parts Requirements

Part NumberDescription
RCT-051/2″ Reamer Cutter Blade (for standard duty only)
RCT-105/8″ Reamer Cutter Blade (for heavy duty only)
TR-2150V-Block for 0.850″ O.D. nozzles




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