September 1, 2021

NEW PRODUCT — TOUGH GUN® TT4A and TT4E Nozzle Cleaning Stations

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new TOUGH GUN® TT4A and TT4E reamer nozzle cleaning stations. Tregaskiss has enhanced the trusted dependability of our existing TOUGH GUN TT3 and TT3E reamers with superior performance, high durability components and new standard features. With increased uptime and weld quality, you’ll spend less time maintaining and troubleshooting your robotic welding equipment and more time getting product out the door.

TOUGH GUN TT4 Reamer - front view

These new reamers power through the toughest spatter with a .95HP motor and 236 lbs. of spindle lifting force at 95 psi. Their higher durability components help to keep your welding operation up and running for extended periods of time:

  • Powerful, lubricated motor lasts up to 18M cycles at 80+ psi
  • Durable valves and cylinders rated for 10M+ cycles
  • Wire cutter can run 1M+ cycles without requiring maintenance

Now included as standard are new features that help reduce downtime, safety incidents and costly weld defects related to anti-spatter:

  • A new anti-spatter reservoir with increased fluid capacity;
  • A new low fluid level indicator that sends a signal to the PLC / robot when anti-spatter is running low; and
  • A new spray containment unit that reduces risk of slip / trip hazards due to overspray contamination.

Discontinuation of TOUGH GUN® TT3 / TT3E Reamers

Tregaskiss will discontinue the sales of the TT3 and TT3E reamers beginning 09/01/2021. However, we will continue to offer TT3 / TT3E replacement parts for a period of five years (until 2026).

For assistance with converting your existing part number, please use our TOUGH GUN TT3 reamer online part number conversion tool.

If you have questions regarding your TT3 / TT3E reamer replacement parts, please contact our Customer Service team from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday:

Phone: 1-855-MIGWELD (644-9353) –