Oil and Gas

Large gas processing facility

Energy is the lifeblood of today’s economy and the basis of our collective prosperity and quality of life. As an operator, EPC firm, contractor or OEM building pipelines for oil, gas and petrochemical products, you are not prepared to compromise quality or sacrifice productivity to meet tight delivery schedules, quality specifications and budget constraints. You are looking for welding products and vendors with longstanding reputation for innovation, durability, technical know-how, and best-in-class service.  

At Tregaskiss and Bernard, our goal is to partner with our customers in delivering world-class pipeline projects. We were the first to perfect the Dual Shield welding process (now known as Flux Core Arc Welding), a vital technology for field welding. Since then, we have continued to provide industry leading innovative, rugged and long-lasting welding guns and consumables. Whether you are in a fabrication facility in a metro area or a pipe trench in a remote rugged terrain, our welding solutions are built to deliver world-class quality results every time, and with increased productivity.