TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Multi-Feed System

Lower your operating costs, minimize downtime and increase safety by introducing a TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter multi-feed system to your facility.

The TOUGH GARD anti-spatter multi-feed system provides a continuous supply of anti-spatter liquid to up to 10 TOUGH GUN® reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations from a single 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum of TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid. This multi-feed system is equipped with a fluid-level indicator that notifies the operator when the pail or drum is low on anti-spatter liquid, and locating the pails or drums outside the robotic cell increases safety by eliminating the need for operators to enter the cell to refill or replace.

Eliminate the need to frequently refill sprayer reservoirs, and reduce the human interaction required to do so, with the TOUGH GARD anti-spatter multi-feed system from Tregaskiss.

  • Cap assembly for pails and drums is reusable
  • A fluid-level indicator displays when pail or drum requires refilling
  • Quick-connects allow fast and easy connection to nozzle cleaners
  • Less space is required due to having a single feeding source
  • Increased safety — eliminates the need for operators to enter robotic cells if pails or drums are located outside
  • The need for sprayer reservoirs is eliminated


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