T-Gun Semi-Automatic Water-Cooled MIG Guns

Bernard® T-Gun™ semi-automatic water-cooled MIG guns are engineered for superior performance in production environments requiring extremely high-heat applications. 

Available in a 400 amp compact series, 400 amp standard handle or 600 amp standard handle size models, all T-Gun MIG guns are built-to-order.

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  • Neck insulated and armored with stainless steel
  • All neck water-line joints are silver brazed and 100% leak tested
  • Custom neck lengths and bend configurations available
  • Nozzles thread directly to neck for a cooler-running nozzle
  • Water-cooled internally to diffuser / retaining head
  • Custom gun lengths available


  • MIG (GMAW) welding

Duty Cycle Ratings

  • 400 amp model – 100%: 400 amp with CO2, 60%: 400 amp with mixed gases
  • 450 amp model – 100%: 450 amp with CO2, 60%: 450 amp with mixed gases
  • 600 amp model – 100%: 600 amp with CO2, 60%: 600 amp with mixed gases


  • Custom neck lengths and bend configurations available
  • Custom gun lengths available

Bernard® T-Gun™ MIG guns are compatible with new! AccuLock™ R consumables, TOUGH LOCK® consumables, and QUICK LOAD® liners.

Consider the following accessories for your Bernard T-Gun semi-automatic water-cooled MIG gun:

  • Lock-on trigger housing
  • Extended trigger
  • Thread-in direct connect power pins
  • Dual schedule switch (compact series excluded)
  • Heat shield
  • Gun hanger
  • Neck guard
  • Protective cable wrap
  • Specialty nozzles
  • Specialty necks


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