About Us

Tregaskiss and Bernard have an unprecedented history within the ITW welding brands known for delivering quality, innovative semi-automatic, fixed automatic, cobot and robotic MIG guns, consumables and peripherals. Through vigorous research and development principals, Bernard and Tregaskiss have long developed products that position customer challenges and market trends at the forefront of our product innovation and technology.

Both companies started from simple beginnings, both small, both independently owned, both seeing considerable growth and prosperity. Forming an alliance, the two companies merged their expertise to provide the welding industry with a vision and commitment to make significant impacts within the welding industry.  

As part of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) welding group family, Tregaskiss and Bernard combine their proven experience and deep technical knowledge to solve its customers’ toughest welding challenges and productivity goals.  

You Need Reliability. We Understand.

You need reliable MIG guns, consumables and welding products that are readily available and offer consistent performance. Simplicity, ease of maintenance and durability are always part of our design specifications.

You Want Quality. We Deliver.

You prefer to use best-in-class welding products and components in your welding applications. Our high quality welding consumables are precision-engineered for superior performance and longer life. To further support you, our semi-automatic, fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns are designed to be universally compatible with most brands of welding machines and robots on the market.

Your Needs Are Unique. We Customize.

You understand the efficiency benefits of using best-fit products that optimize your welding applications. Our configured and custom MIG product solutions help you achieve your goals.

You Expect Ongoing Support. We Value Our Partnership.

You need supplier partners who stand firmly behind their products. We support you long after the sale by offering you competitive warranties as well as technical support via phone and email, 24/7 online resources, and an extensive authorized partner network .