MIG Gun Consumables

Genuine Bernard® and Tregaskiss® consumables enhance the performance of your MIG welding gun. They are manufactured to the same durable, high-performance standards as every MIG welding product we build, and they deliver the improved performance you’ve come to know and expect from us.

AccuLock S consumables family including contact tip, nozzle, diffuser, liner and power pin

AccuLock™ S Consumables

Load and lock for better productivity

  • Flawless wire-feed path — AccuLock S liners are locked and concentrically aligned to both the contact tip and the power pin
  • Error-proof liner replacement every time with no measuring!
  • 2-3x longer contact tip life due to optimized wire feeding

Image of AccuLock R consumables family including contact tips, nozzle and diffuser

AccuLock™ R Consumables

Load and lock for better throughput

  • Longer contact tip life
  • Eliminate contact tip cross-threading issues, resulting in reduced downtime, scrap and rework costs
  • Reduce parts to reduce errors with a common consumables platform™ designed for maximum compatibility across MIG gun series, types and amperages

TOUGH LOCK consumables family

TOUGH LOCK® Consumables

  • Dual taper technology keeps consumables locked in place for accuracy and repeatability
  • Tapered connections provide excellent electrical conductivity for cooler temperatures and long tip life
  • Common consumables platform™ — use one line of consumables for both Tregaskiss® and Bernard® MIG guns

Centerfire consumables family shown with contact tips, nozzle and diffuser

Centerfire™ Consumables

  • Thread-on nozzles and drop-in contact tips can be quickly replaced without tools
  • Spatter shield within nozzle protects diffuser and gives smoother, less turbulent gas flow
  • Provides better arc starts, less spatter and more consistent welds

Quik Tip consumables family showing contact tips, nozzle and diffuser

Quik Tip™ Consumables

  • A quick twist is all it takes for contact tip installation
  • Diffusers secure contact tips in a fixed position for consistent welds
  • Threaded taper lock between the tip and diffuser provides excellent heat transfer and electrical conductivity