Offshore oil and gas industry welding needs are much different from those of a small welding shop or large fabrication line. Pipes, platforms, tower support structures and other critical infrastructures on offshore rigs must be repaired quickly, efficiently, and most importantly — safely. You cannot achieve this goal with subpar welding equipment.

Welders working on offshore platforms often make repairs in cramped working conditions while braving extreme elements like rough seas and high winds. Choosing MIG welding equipment that is durable, reliable, and versatile and that can perform in the most adverse situations is critical. Finding a partner that can support both semi-automatic and fixed automatic welding needs can be equally as challenging. 

Bernard® IronPro™ and Dura-Flux™ Self-Shielded Flux-Cored MIG guns are extremely durable and comfortable to hold and use. They are specifically designed to meet demanding needs and perform in harsh environments.

Designed for cobot (collaborative robot) welding applications, the Tregaskiss® BA1 cobot air-cooled MIG gun with high-performing AccuLock™ R consumables delivers through its proven durability and overall simplicity of design, keeping the cobot up and running no matter what the welding job is.

Achieve maximum uptime with Tregaskiss® fixed automatic MIG guns. Engineered for hard tooling applications requiring a simple, durable, and repeatable MIG gun, These fixed automatic torches can be configured with the same consumables as your Bernard® semi-automatic or Tregaskiss® robotic MIG guns to simplify your inventory.