Fixed Automatic Water-Cooled MIG Guns

Tregaskiss® fixed automatic water-cooled MIG guns are designed for dependable performance in high amperage, high temperature hard tooling welding applications to maximize uptime and throughput. High performance consumables, an armored neck and body, and simple internal connections make these guns quick and easy to maintain.

tregaskiss MW1 fixed automatic MIG guns straight and curved necks

MW1 MIG Guns

  • Available in 500 and 600 amp models
  • Spring-guard strain relief prevents kinking and abrasion
  • Water-cooled neck is made from stainless steel and is silver brazed and leak tested
  • 600 amp water-cooled model has a thread-on heavy-duty nozzle

Tregaskiss AW2 fixed automatic water-cooled MIG gun

AW2 MIG Guns

  • Available in both cable and cableless 600 amp models
  • Power cable equipped guns are available in lengths of 3to25 feet in 1/2-foot increments
  • Internal threaded connections stay tight inside the anti-vibration compression fit body for good electrical connectivity and longer life