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Robotic MIG Guns, Peripherals and Consumables

With over 25 years experience specializing in customized robotic welding solutions, Tregaskiss engineers its TOUGH GUN® and TOUGH GARD® products to ensure they are robust, resilient and repeatable — even in the TOUGHest automation applications.

Tregaskiss is a leading provider of quality robotic and automatic MIG guns, robotic peripherals and welding consumables. Learn more about our durable MIG welding products and our high performance TOUGH LOCK® Consumables and QUICK LOAD® Liners.

Looking for Tregaskiss Semi-Automatic MIG Guns?

As of November 2012, all Tregaskiss Semi-Automatic MIG Guns were moved to the Bernard brand name to allow us to focus on robotic MIG welding solutions. Our former TOUGH GUN Semi-Automatic Series is available today as part of the Bernard® BTB MIG Gun offering, and the Tregaskiss TGX® Series is now available as the Bernard TGX Series. Click here to learn more about this brand migration.