NEW PRODUCT – AccuLock™ R Consumables

October 23, 2019

Tregaskiss is pleased to announce the launch of new AccuLock™ R (Robotic) Consumables, a system designed to maximize throughput and efficiency with minimal risk and effort.

AccuLock Contact Tips last longer and are virtually impossible to cross-thread. The long contact tip tail concentrically aligns the tip within the diffuser prior to thread engagement, and this coupled with the tip's coarse thread ensures quick, accurate replacement without cross-threading. An upgrade to AccuLock HDP Contact Tips can extend life by 10x or more in pulse welding applications.

You can easily switch from TOUGH LOCK® and other consumables to AccuLock R Consumables with no impact to Tool Center Point (TCP), making this upgrade low effort, low risk, and high payoff.

Plus, Tregaskiss AccuLock R Consumables and Bernard® AccuLock S (Semi-Auto) Consumables share a common contact tip, so you can benefit from the reduced costs and simplified inventory of a Common Consumable Platform™ if you have a combination of robotic and semi-automatic MIG guns in your facility.

Key Features of Tregaskiss AccuLock R Consumables

Reduce troubleshooting, downtime and rework
with these new consumables. Learn more about Tregaskiss® AccuLock™ R Consumables.


Series Components: