Tregaskiss Power Pin for Fronius VR1500 Wire Feeders

July 1, 2009

Tregaskiss has designed a power pin (part #214-41) that can be used in place of the actual Fronius® Power Pin for the VR15000 wire feeder.

This new power pin is compatible with Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN® robotic and automatic MIG guns and Bernard® T-Gun™ semi-automatic MIG guns (formerly Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN semi-automatic MIG guns).

  • Threads into all Tregaskiss unicables (except Euro) and is the standard Fronius power pin for TOUGH GUN ThruArm™ series robotic MIG guns
  • Compatible with Motoman® unicables on teh EA/SSA Series robots
  • Designed specifically for use with QUICK LOAD® liners

A liner cap adaptor (part #214-41-3) is also available for upgrading existing Fronius power pins to the QUICK LOAD liner system.

Image of a Fronius power pin
Tregaskiss™ Power Pin (part #214-41) is designed to replace the actual Fronius® Power Pin for the VR1500 wire feeder (part #4.045.848.638).
Image of a Fronius power pin
Upgrade the original Fronius® Power Pin to use with the
QUICK LOAD™ Liner System by replacing it with the
Tregaskiss Liner Cap (part #214-41-3).

Fronius wire feeders can come with several types of connections. The following chart indicates the recommended Tregaskiss power pin solution for each:

Fronius® Feeder Connection TypeTregaskiss Part Number
Fronius “North America” Power Pin 214-17
Tweco® #4 214
Euro Connection Euro
Fronius Power Pin #4.045.848.638 for VR1500 Feeder 214-41
Fronius F++ Not Available