How To Install or Replace a QUICK LOAD Liner on a TOUGH GUN ThruArm Series Robotic MIG Gun with an LSR Unicable


  1. Remove the rear cap of the power pin.


  2. Insert the brass end of the liner into the liner retainer until it is firmly seated.


  3. Insert the non-brass end of the QUICK LOAD™ Liner into the back of the MIG gun and push through until it emerges from the front of the MIG gun and the liner retainer makes contact with the power pin.


  4. Thread the QUICK LOAD Liner retainer (#415-26) into the power pin. Torque to 30 in.-lbs. (3.5Nm).


  5. Re-thread the cap of the power pin back on (hand tighten).


  6. Push the liner back into the front of the MIG gun and hold in place.


  7. Trim the liner to 5/8" (16 mm) stick out.


  8. Remove any burrs that may obstruct wire feed.