TOUGH GUN Robotic MIG Guns

TOUGH GUN CA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

The TOUGH GUN CA3 Robotic
MIG Gun combines the most
valuable product features of our
TOUGH GUN G1 and G2 Series
platforms, along with performance
improvements in our unicable
technology that extends service life


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Vibration, heating and cooling cycles, severe rotational movement, the whipping action of the cable, and the occasional crash require a durable robotic MIG welding gun. TOUGH GUN™ Robotic MIG Guns are tough enough to meet the challenge! All TOUGH GUN MIG Guns are built-to-order and come ready to rumble right out of the box.

MIG Guns External to Robot:

Through-Arm Style MIG Guns:

Automatic MIG Guns (for Hard Tooling Applications):

The Tregaskiss Advantage