Dual Thread Necks for BTB MIG Guns

Beginning on June 2, 2014, Bernard’s new BTB MIG gun platform brings our Q-Gun™, S-Gun™ and T-Gun™ semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns into a single gun line and single configurator.  As a part of this launch, all fixed and rotatable necks offered through the new BTB MIG gun configurator will now feature a dual thread that allows the installation of your choice of consumables – TOUGH LOCK®, Centerfire™ or Quik Tip™ – without the need for special adaptor parts.

Please note that not all Bernard necks will have this new dual thread. Necks that will NOT have the new dual thread include:

  • All styles of flex necks
  • Black polymer necks for the TGX® series
  • All water-cooled necks

How can I tell the difference between single and dual thread necks?

There is a subtle difference to the appearance of the threads on the necks as shown below:

subtle difference to the appearance of Image of the threads on the necks

Please click here for more details on necks offered through the BTB MIG gun platform.

The Bernard necks spec sheet can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.