How To Repair a Euro TOUGH GUN G1 Series Robotic MIG Gun

Unicable Repair Kit Part #513-7

  1. Remove the liner from the MIG gun.
  2. Remove the screws from the base of the terminal housing.


  3. Remove the terminal housing and move the handle back.
  4. Disconnect the cable leads from the Euro butt connectors.
  5. Move the Euro hand nut and spacer out of the way. Be careful not to strip the lead wires.
  6. Place the Euro body in the vice.


  7. Bend the unicable behind the connector cone and cut the unicable at the bend.
  8. Remove the old Euro hand nut, spacer and handle.
  9. Add new Euro spring, rear handle nut and front hand nut onto cable.
  10. Slide two large Oetiker clamps 1-1/2 feet down the unicable (required for crimping later).
  11. From your cut (end of cable), measure 4 inches back and cut away the outer jacket of the cable. Be careful not to cut the copper wiring or switch leads!


  12. Slide the outer jacket toward the cut to expose the copper wiring and leads.
  13. Pull out the lead wires.
  14. From the cut (at the 4-inch mark), measure 3-1/2 inches towards the front of the torch and cut off the excess cable.


  15. Fan back the copper and remove 3/4 inches of the inner gas tube.


  16. Place the unicable repair tool in the vice.
  17. Place the connector cone on the unicable repair tool.
  18. Slide the support tube over the unicable repair tool until flush with the connector cone.


  19. Slide the small Oetiker clamp over the top of the inner gas tube (Hytrel).


  20. Using the unicable repair tool as a guide, slide the inner gas tube over the support tube and up to the cone shoulder.
  21. Crimp the support tube clamp between the black and white switch leads.
  22. Position the copper wires between the roll marked numbers on the cone and the first step before the threads. Crimp the large Oetiker clamps 1/4 inch and 1 inch behind the outer jacket at the front of the torch.
  23. Remove the inner gas tube (Hytrel) from the cone.
  24. Fan out the copper and bring the copper around the inner gas tube (Hytrel) evenly and slide the cone nut over the copper.


  25. Slide the inner gas tube on the cone up to the shoulder.
  26. Fan the copper evenly around the inner gas tube up to the shoulder of the cone connector and thread the cone nut onto the connector cone. Torque the cone nut to 30 ft.-lbs.
  27. Using 3/4-inch Teflon electrical tape, wrap up the copper and spare switch leads (green and gray) neatly.
  28. Place the cone and cone nut connection in the vice and thread onto the Euro body.


  29. Move the Euro hand nut onto the Euro body. Be sure not to strip the lead wires.
  30. Strip the leads about 1/8 inches back and crimp the appropriate wires together using the butt connectors (part #510-200-3-2).


  31. Place one side of the handle against the inner wall of the hand nut.


  32. Insert the spring into the spring groove at the rear of the handle and tuck the connected switch leads into the handle.


  33. Place the second piece of the handle flush against the first piece.
  34. Slide the rear handle nut onto the handle pieces, turning clockwise until locked.
  35. Turn the handle assembly until the drilled holes align with those of the Euro body.
  36. Insert the screws provided.


  37. Insert the liner. Refer to the Liner Installation Guide to check your liner length.