How To Install or Replace a Fixed Neck on a T Series Large Straight Handle BTB Platform Gun


  1. Place neck in vise. Remove both switch mounting housing screws with an 8 mm nut driver.
  2. Slide handle back exposing the cable connection. Loosen the cable/neck connection using a 7/8” wrench.
  3. Remove from vise and unthread neck by hand.
  4. Thread the neck into the cable connection (hand tighten). Place neck in vise and tighten with a wrench to within 1/8” (3.2 mm) spacing between the cable connection and neck.
  5. Install the switch and reposition handle and switch housing.
  6. Reinstall switch housing mounting screws. 
  7. Liner may need to be changed if switching to a neck of a different bend angle or length.