How to Install or Replace a Jump Liner

  1. IMPORTANT! Turn off power.
  2. Remove nozzle, insulator, contact tip, gas diffuser and neck from gun.
  3. Remove old Jump Liner from the back end of the neck.
  4. Insert new Jump Liner making sure the liner stop is fully seated at back end of neck.
  5. Take the tapered end of the neck and insert into the end fitting of the gun handle. Make sure that the liner extruding from the handle is trimmed to 1/4″ beyond the gun handle to ensure proper fit up to new Jump Liner. Secure the neck to the gun by turning the insulated nut clockwise.
  6. Trim the liner at the nozzle of the neck as follows:
    • DS-1 and D-1 Centerfire™ Gas Diffusers (used with Centerfire Series Contact Tips) = between 5/8″ and 3/4″
    • 4235 and 4635 gas diffusers (used with Elliptical 1500 Series Contact Tips) = 3/8″
    • 4335 and 4435 gas diffusers (used with Elliptical 7400 or 4200 Series Contact Tips) = 1 3/8″
    • D118Q Gas Diffusers (used with Quik Tip™ Contact Tips) = 7/8″
    • D114Q Gas Diffusers (used with Quik Tip Contact Tips) = 3/4″
  7. File the cut end of the liner to eliminate burrs.
  8. Reinstall the cap, gas diffuser, contact tip and nozzle.
Jump liner