Legacy TOUGH GUN ThruArm G1 Series Product for ABB IRB1600ID

July 24, 2017

Image comparing TCP of A58G1S to 508-200ABB connector housings for ABB robots

As of December 31, 2017, legacy TOUGH GUN® ThruArm® G1 series product for ABB® IRB1600ID configurations will be discontinued, and effective immediately, lead time for part number 508-200ABB will be 15 days.

  • 508-200ABB
  • W508-200ABB
  • 508-200ABB-6
  • 58SA004

Our legacy TOUGH GUN ThruArm G1 series was replaced by our TOUGH GUN TA3 series in 2014, but although A58G1S connector housing is the replacement for 508-200ABB connector housing, this unit will change tool center point (TCP) by approximately 1.428″.

For those customers using a 508-200ABB with a 405-22QC neck, we will be able to develop a special 22-degree neck for use with the A58G1S module to match their existing TCP. However, due to a length restriction in manufacturing, we will not be able to match TCP for those customers using a 508-200ABB with a 405-45QC neck. In this case, reprogramming will be necessary when switching to an A58G1S.

Additionally, when transitioning from the 508-200ABB to the A58G1S, the 58SA004 LSR Unicable will need to be replaced with the 58SA024 LSR Unicable, as the cable to torch connection is also different.

Learn more about our TOUGH GUN TA3 MIG gun offering or their TCP and center of mass data.