More Productivity and Lower Costs: Tico Adopts Bernard® MIG Welding Guns & Consumables

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Tico Terminal Trucks & Trailers improved productivity and reduced welding costs using Bernard Q-Gun™ semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns and Centerfire™ consumables. “We had an opportunity through one of our suppliers to test the Bernard Centerfire tip system and initially I provided that system to my best welder in house I felt like he would be the one person that could tell me honestly if it was a valuable product to us or not. Within two weeks his only response was – “I love it”. Weld quality has improved and it is simply because we get a more accurate flow of gas on the weld. The huge advantage to the Centerfire tip system is the fact that it’s not a threaded in tip. So when you do in fact arc out a tip, it doesn’t require a lot of time to remove the tip put in a new one. They’re also much more durable, so that happens a lot less.”