South Louisiana Community College Chooses Bernard® Semi-Automatic MIG Welding Guns and AccuLock™ Consumables for Welding Education

South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) has made a game-changing decision to enhance its welding education program by incorporating Bernard semi-automatic welding guns and AccuLock consumables into its classrooms. This shift marks a significant departure from the MIG guns and consumables they had been using for decades.

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The transition began within the last year after SLCC’s welding technology instructors began noticing some challenges the students were facing with the welding guns and consumables that they were using. They noticed it took students 20 minutes to change a liner with their current welding guns and consumables.

Enter Bernard. After meeting with the instructors and listening to their pains points and need for improvement – Bernard configured a lightweight MIG welding gun with the AccuLock S dual-locked liner consumable system to test in the classrooms. Instructors and students immediately saw the benefits.

The AccuLock S dual-locked liner system makes liner installation error-proof by eliminating the guesswork and potential errors that can occur when trimming a liner. More importantly, it maximized their limited time in the classroom. The superior performance of AccuLock contact tips stood out most. SLCC saw a remarkable 50% improvement in tip life compared to the products they were using previously. AccuLock contact tips lasted twice as long.

The school found the benefits of using Bernard’s MIG welding guns and AccuLock S consumables for instructional purposes were clearly evident. The lightweight and durable design, coupled with the extended consumable life delivered a substantial return on investment. Not only does the switch to Bernard provide cost savings, but it also equips inexperienced welders with the tools that can withstand the rigors of training and real-world applications.