Robotic Water-Cooled MIG Guns | Insulating Discs

Refer to the table below to find the insulating disc part number you need for your Tregaskiss® 600 amp robotic water-cooled MIG gun.

Robot BrandRobot Model(s)Insulating Disc (for G2 style mount)Insulating Disc (for conventional style mount)
ABB®IRB6, 140, 1400, 1500, 1600, M97A, 2000, IRB2400L, 400059D02AS-101-2
ABBIRB2400/10, IRB2400/16, IRB2600, IRB4600-20/2.5, IRB440L59D04AS-101-4
ABBIRB4600-60/2.05, IRB4600-40/2.55, IRB4600-45/2.05N/AAS-107-11
ABBIRB6600, IRB6650N/AAS-107-13
COMAU®SmartSix 6-1459D01AS-102-10
COMAUSmart NS 12, Smart 5 NM 16N/AAS-106-14
FANUC®100, 100i, 100iB, 120iB, S-6, M710-20L59D02AS-101-2
FANUCArcMate 50iB, 50iC59D05AS-106-8
FANUC100iC, 120iC, M710iC-12L59DT-003
(kit includes 59D01)
(kit includes AS-102-10)
Kawasaki®RA10L, RS10L, RS20NN/AAS-106-14
KawasakiFS-10L, FS-20N/AAS-106-9
Kobelco®ARCMAN-RON MKN/AAS-106-11
KUKA®KR5 arc, KR6, KR6-2, KR6 arc, KR6 KS, KR16 L6, KR16 L6 arc, KR16 L6 KS59D02AS-101-2
KUKAKR5 R1400, KR6 R700 sixx, KR6 R900 sixx, KR10 R900 sixx, KR10 R1100 sixx59D05AS-106-8
KUKAKR16, KR16-2, KR16 S, KR16 KS, KR30 L16-259D06AS-102-13
KUKAKR30, KR60, KR60 L45, KR60 L3059DT-006
(kit includes 59D02)
KUKAKR-125, KR-150/2N/AAS-107-12
Motoman®HP6, HP50-20, K6A, K10S, MH50-20, MH6, SK6, SK16, SK16X, SSF2000, UP6, UP2059D02AS-101-2
MotomanK35, HP3, HP3C, HP3JC, MH5, MH5L, SV359D07AS-106-7
(kit includes 59D02)
MotomanMH5S, MH5LS59D08AS-106-13
MotomanMA1440, MA2010, MA321059DT-008
(kit includes 59D01)
(kit includes AS-102-10)
OTC Daihen®MRV-6, EX-V6, EX-V6L, EX-V16, DR-2000, DR-2000, DR-4000, DR-4200L, DR-440059D02AS-101-2
Panasonic®VR-008A, VR-006A, VR-005C, VR-005LII, AW-010A, AW-8010, AW-005A, AW-005C, AW-005CL, AW-006A, VR-006AL, TA-1400, TA-1800, TL-1800, TL-200059D03AS-106-4