PRODUCT UPDATE – Washers to Be Pre-installed on All Tregaskiss® Cutter Blades

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, beginning in February 2024 customers will begin to notice that Tregaskiss® cutter blades are coming with a pre-installed washer which is secured and held in place by an o-ring. This incremental improvement provides more convenience for customers by ensuring the washer remains securely in place and gets properly re-assembled when the cutter blade needs to be removed or replaced.

Effective February 5, 2024, this modification will be rolled out as a running change across our complete lineup of cutter blades. There will be no change to cutter blade part numbers, but please note that packaging will change to accommodate the addition of the washer.

Old and new cutter blades, the new cutter blades have the washer installed on them with new plastic packaging.