TOUGH GUN® Reamer Cutter Blades

July 30, 2019

Tregaskiss has made the following changes to its TOUGH GUN® Reamer Cutter Blades:

Summary of Color Changes and Affected Part Numbers

 Tregaskiss Cutter Blade with old coating 

 Tregaskiss Cutter Blade with old coating 

Tregaskiss Cutter Blade with NEW Black Oxide Coating 

OLD Coating

OLD Coating

NEW Black Oxide Coating


Affected Part Numbers – New Black Oxide Coating

  • RC-06

  • RC-08

  • RC-12

  • RCT-01

  • RCT-04

  • RCT-05

  • RCT-10

  • RCT-13

  • RCT-16

  • RCT-17

  • RCT-18

3/8" bore

5/8" bore, Binzel®

3/4" bore

5/8" bore

1/2" bore

1/2" bore, TOUGH ACCESS™

5/8" bore, TOUGH ACCESS

3/4" bore, robotic water-cooled

15.5 mm, Panasonic® 350 amp

16.0 mm, Panasonic 500 amp

15.5 mm nozzle M10 tip WH500T torch, Binzel



Summary of Design Changes and Affected Part Numbers

 Tregaskiss Cutter Blade with Twin Flute Design 

 Tregaskiss Cutter Blade with NEW Single Flute Design 

OLD Dual Flute Design

NEW Single Flute Design


Affected Part Numbers – New Single Flute Design (effective August 1, 2019)

  • RCT-01

  • RCT-04

5/8" bore

1/2" bore

The above changes will be implemented as a running change and will be sold under the same part numbers as the previous design.