Clamps and Mounting Arms

Clamps and Mounting Arms Built tough, TOUGH GUN® clamps and mounting arms from Tregaskiss are machined from solid extruded aluminum alloy so they won’t bend or break. Engineered to fit the TOUGH GUN CA3 robotic air-cooled MIG gun, these clamps and mounting arms provide a wide bearing surface for optimum purchase and strength. 

Legacy Safety Clutch

Legacy Safety Clutch Compatible with TOUGH GUN® CA3 and legacy TOUGH GUN G1 series robotic air-cooled MIG guns, the original TOUGH GUN safety clutch is engineered for demanding production environments and is designed to e-stop your robot with a deflection of only 1 degree. 

TOUGH GUN Solid Arm Mounts

TOUGH GUN Solid Arm Mounts The TOUGH GUN® solid arm mount (SAM) is used with robot collision software as an alternative to the legacy TOUGH GUN clutch. Tool center point (TCP) is not affected when substituting a solid arm mount for a TOUGH GUN clutch.

LSR+ (Low-Stress Robotic) Unicables

TOUGH GUN® LSR+ (Low-Stress Robotic) Unicables For use with TOUGH GUN® ThruArm® series robotic MIG guns, low-stress robotic LSR+ (Low-Stress Robotic) unicables incorporate new SmoothTurn™ technology to maximize production uptime. Conventional style unicables typically come with a connection that limits rotational capabilities and produces torsional stress in the cable. Unlike conventional unicables, the LSR+ incorporates […]


Filter/Regulator The filter/regulator unit from Tregaskiss is a recommended accessory that helps extend the life of your TOUGH GUN® reamer investment. The filter works to clean the air supply to the reamer and restrict debris from reaching the motor, while the regulator ensures optimal air pressure is achieved at the unit. This can be ordered […]

Nozzle Detect

Nozzle Detection A recommended accessory for the TOUGH GUN® TT4A and TT4E reamer, nozzle detect alerts maintenance personnel when the nozzle on the robotic MIG gun is no longer present, before a weld is attempted. This reduces rework and scrap costs caused by welding without a nozzle. This detection system uses a proximity sensor, which […]

Wire Cutter

TOUGH GUN Wire Cutter The TOUGH GUN® wire cutter from Tregaskiss removes the ball at the end of the welding wire to provide smooth arc starts and consistent wire stick-out (ideal for Touch Sensing) This system cuts a variety of wire types, including stainless steel, aluminum and flux-core, in sizes up to 1/16″ (1.6 mm).

TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Liquid

TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Liquid TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter liquid is a ready-to-use water-soluble, non-toxic product developed to address the performance and environmental concerns of metal fabricators. Unlike oil-based anti-spatter solutions, TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid won’t clog the sprayer. By prolonging the life of your consumables and reducing the need for downtime, TOUGH GARD anti-spatter liquid can […]

Anti-Spatter Sprayer

Anti-Spatter Sprayer Use the anti-spatter sprayer with your TOUGH GUN® reamer to help prevent spatter build-up, boosting productivity by maintaining consistent weld quality and reducing downtime for routine maintenance. This sprayer comes standard with the TOUGH GUN TT4A and TT4E reamer and can be used with TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter liquid to create the ultimate nozzle […]

Spray Containment

Spray Containment A perfect addition to the TOUGH GUN® TT4A and TT4E Reamers The innovative spray containment unit from Tregaskiss helps prevent air contamination by catching anti-spatter overspray in its sealed basin. The collected anti-spatter is then channeled away from the spray containment unit to a convenient point of disposal. Now standard! Can also be […]

Cutter Blades

TOUGH GUN Cutter Blades Reliable and Durable. Competitive pricing. TOUGH GUN® cutter blades are designed for use with the TOUGH GUN TT4A or TT4E reamer and are engineered from harder, stronger material, making them more resistant to breaking, chipping or cracking. Designed with stronger edges to allow for improved cutting and cleaning performance, these cutter […]

Reamer Stand

TOUGH GUN Reamer Stand Custom height. Quick installation. Easy on the budget. Tregaskiss provides a durable but simple fixed height stand for all TOUGH GUN® TT4A and TT4E reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations. Each TOUGH GUN reamer stand can be ordered to a custom height between 18- and 45-inches.

TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Multi-Feed System

TOUGH GARD® Anti-Spatter Multi-Feed System Lower your operating costs, minimize downtime and increase safety by introducing a TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter multi-feed system to your facility. The TOUGH GARD anti-spatter multi-feed system provides a continuous supply of anti-spatter liquid to up to 10 TOUGH GUN® reamer robotic nozzle cleaning stations from a single 5-gallon pail or […]


Motor Lubricator This dedicated motor lubricator maximizes performance and protects your TOUGH GUN® reamer investment by extending the life of the motor. This lubricator is now a standard component on all TOUGH GUN TT4A and TT4E Reamers. It is also highly effective for use in damp and moisture rich environments.

Neck Checking Fixture

Neck Checking Fixture The TOUGH GUN® neck checking fixture tests the tolerance of the neck on your robotic MIG gun to tool center point (TCP). Should the neck be out of tolerance due to impact or prolonged usage, this fixture can be used to realign the neck rather the having to replace it.

Insulating Discs

Insulating Discs TOUGH GUN® insulating discs are a sacrificial part that is designed to absorb the impact in the event of a robotic collision. These insulating discs help protect your robotic investment and are a recommended component for all TOUGH GUN robotic MIG gun installations.