How To Install the TOUGH GUN Wire Cutter to the TOUGH GUN Reamer

WARNING: Ensure the power supply is off and disconnected before proceeding!

Mounting the Wire Cutter

  • The Wire Cutter should be installed within the weld cell. The base plate has been designed for mounting on top of the TOUGH GUN™ Reamer. Be sure to consider movable fixtures and the confines of the robot. 
  • Attach the Wire Cutter base to the top of the TOUGH GUN Reamer or other sturdy platform using three 93) 10-24 x 3/4" bolts for TOUGH GUN Reamer serial numbers up to 11299 or three (3) M5 x .8 x 25 mm long bolts for TOUGH GUN Reamer serial numbers 11300 and up in the holes provided.

Connecting the Air Supply

  • Use only filtered, lubricated air. Requirements - 80 to 100 psi at 0.5 CFM (5.0 to 7.0 BAR at 14 LPM) at the Wire Cutter.
  • Use an air supply line with an inside diameter of 1/4-inch and connect to an 1/8-inch female NPT inlet located on the side of the valve.