Legacy F-Gun MIG Guns

January 8, 2019

Our product offering is regularly assessed to ensure focus on customer needs and opportunities to innovate our product portfolio, so we can continue to deliver sustainable value to our customers. Accordingly, due to low demand, the following products will be discontinued:

Legacy F-Gun™ MIG Guns

Effective January 8, 2019, all legacy F-Gun MIG gun part numbers and all F-Gun series service parts will be discontinued and no longer available for sale.

Affected Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
4610F-Gun MIG Gun, 10 ft
4615F-Gun MIG Gun, 15 ft
4610EF-Gun MIG Gun, 10 ft, Euro
4615EF-Gun MIG Gun, 15 ft, Euro
4610MF-Gun MIG Gun, 10 ft, Miller®
4615MF-Gun MIG Gun, 15 ft, Miller
4610LF-Gun MIG Gun, 10 ft, Lincoln®
4615LF-Gun MIG Gun, 15 ft, Lincoln
4610TF-Gun MIG Gun, 10 ft, Tweco®
4615TF-Gun MIG Gun, 15 ft, Tweco
408Handle, F-Gun Series
4627Neck, F-Gun Series
429Trigger, F-Gun Series

Replacement Options

The following 600 amp Bernard® BTB semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun models (with T series straight handles and locking triggers) are recommended replacement options:

Legacy F-Gun MIG Gun Part NumberReplacement BTB MIG Gun Part Number

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