The History of Tregaskiss


The History of Tregaskiss

The Product

In 1967, William Tregaskiss began his business as an independent agent selling welding products in Michigan, U.S.A. and Ontario, Canada.

Realizing the need for a durable welding gun tough enough to withstand the abuse of a harsh automotive factory environment, Tregaskiss and Ford Motor Company cooperated in the design of the Auto 350.

Its reputation as a strong, reliable torch alled it to become the standard welding gun in the automotive industry. Continuous improvement led to the evolution of a new welding torch, the T40, which introduced features that have become standard on many brands today.

The next wave of progress in the automotive industry included robotic work cells. Tregaskiss put significant focus on pioneering a new line of robotic welding guns and accessories.

The Tregaskiss engineers listened to customer requests for tough, robust welding equipment. They introduced the quick-change robotic gun, added robotic peripheral equipment to the product line, and continued to make improvements to existing products. Helping customers meet the challenges inherent in an industry driven by technilogoical changes is what the people at Tregaskiss strive to do.

The Birth of the TOUGH GUN Brand

Based on the ruggedness of Tregaskiss™ MIG Guns, the TOUGH GUN™ brand was born in 1992. The new TOUGH GUN line brought together such industry firsts as "built-to-order" torches and welding consumables, interchangeability of parts, self-insulated nozzles, direct plug-in power pins, and a lifetime warranty on handles and switches.

The Distribution Network

Growing demand for Tregaskiss MIG Welding Products required the establishment of a distribution network. In 1983, Tregaskiss began working with welding distributors throughout North America. In 1989, distributors for the international market introduced Tregaskiss MIG Guns to the European market. Today Tregaskiss sells MIG guns and accessories in over 20 countries worldwide.

The Place

Tregaskiss Headquarters has expanded several times over the past three decades to accommodate our rapid growth. The current addition includes expansion of the R&D Facility, Customer Service and Engineering areas, as well as giving the building a new exterior.

Contributions to the Industry and Community

Recognizing the need to promote careers in the welding industry through education, our company established the Tregaskiss Scholarship. This award is given to students with financial need that are enrolled in a post-secondary technology program.

The team at Tregaskiss supports the community through the sponsorship of education and many charities.

Our Future

Striving for excellence is a commitment that is an integral component of the Tregaskiss culture. Quality Circles, ISO, and Six-Sigma Certification are all programs indicative of this commitment. Our team of skilled and dedicated employees takes pride in the excellent products they produce. Our Guiding Values, commitment to quality and unrelenting pursuit of innovation ensures that Tregaskiss will remain an industry leader for years to come.

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