New TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic MIG Gun Features

November 2, 2010

Designed for accuracy, repeatability and durability, TOUGH GUN™ G2 Series Robotic MIG Guns now have two new features available to enhance their already reliable welding performance. Tregaskiss offers these MIG guns in a TOUGH GUN I.C.E.™ (Integrated Cooling Enhancer) version and offers an optional Wire Brake to assist in wire touch sensing.

TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun from Tregaskiss

The addition of the TOUGH GUN I.C.E. hybrid feature adds the benefit of water-cooling to TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic MIG Guns. This technology circulates water externally to the nozzle, keeping front-end consumables running cooler and lasting longer. Customers can order the TOUGH GUN I.C.E. Technology as a standard option or they can upgrade an existing TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic MIG Gun with TOUGH GUN I.C.E. Technology with just a few add-on components.

Tregaskiss' new optional Wire Brake feature can be used in conjunction with wire touch sensing to help determine the location of weld joints. This feature can also be ordered as a standard option and is available for wire sizes ranging from 0.035" to 1/16" diameter.

Both of the new features arae compatible with the TOUGH GUN Reamer and the TOUGH GARD™ Spatter Cleaner.

The TOUGH GUN G2 Series also features a QUICK LOAD™ Neck System with resilinet, thick-walled aluminum armor that resists bending in the event of a collision with other equipment, and its superior alignment features maintain an accurate, repeatable tool center point (TCP) to ensure quality welding performance. To ease routine maintenance and reduce downtime, the MIG gun's QUICK LOAD Neck System incorporates a hand-nut mechanism that requires no tools during neck replacement.

Tregaskiss also offers quick-change unicables for the TOUGH GUN G2 Series that can be replaced quickly by removing a single fastener. Additionally, Tregaskiss merged the clutch (or solid mount) with the connector housing to increase the gun's working envelope, while also improving joint accessibility and providing excellent performance—no matter how challenging the weld.

The TOUGH GUN G2 Series Robotic MIG Guns use Tregaskiss' Common Consumable Platform based on its TOUGH LOCK™ Contact Tips and QUICK LOAD™ Liners. These products are common across Tregaskiss Semi-Automatic, Automatic and Robotic MIG Guns, allowing users of multiple styles of guns to simplify and reduce their overall inventory of welding consumables.