Tregaskiss® Necks for MIG Welding Guns

Like the rest of our products, Tregaskiss necks are built to last in the most challenging welding environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Insulated, thick-walled copper conductor tube crimped on both ends
  • Can be replaced without disturbing cable connections
  • Threaded design ensures optimum electrical conductivity
  • Air-cooled necks operate on torches at 350-385 amps
  • Water-cooled necks are rated up to 600 amps
  • Armored aluminum jacket on air-cooled MIG gun necks
  • Stainless steel armor on water-cooled MIG gun necks
  • Necks are compatible with NEW! AccuLock™ R (Robotic) Consumables and TOUGH LOCK® Consumables (NOTE: Water-Cooled Necks are NOT compatible with TOUGH LOCK Retaining Heads with Dual Taper Technology)
  • Optional longer length necks are available



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