Tregaskiss™ Necks for MIG Welding Guns

Like the rest of our products, Tregaskiss™ Necks are built to last in the most challenging welding environments.

Tregaskiss offers durable aluminum armored necks, flex necks, and black polymer armored necks.

Features and BenefitsAluminum Armored Necks from Tregaskiss

  • Insulated, thick-walled copper conductor tube crimped on both ends
  • Can be replaced without disturbing cable connections
  • Threaded design ensures optimum electrical conductivity
  • 260 to 650 amp necks are rated at 650 amps
  • Armored aluminum jacket on air-cooled MIG guns
  • Stainless steel armor on water-cooled MIG guns
  • Necks are compatible with the TOUGH LOCK™ Consumable Series (NOTE: Water-Cooled Necks are NOT compatible with TOUGH LOCK Retaining Heads with Dual Taper Technology)
  • Optional longer length necks are available



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