Tregaskiss MIG Welding Gun Liners

Innovative Front-Loading QUICK LOAD Liners from Tregaskiss


Tregaskiss has an innovative selection of MIG welding liners to choose from:


Load your liners from the front of the MIG gun in half the time it takes to install conventional liners! Learn more about QUICK LOAD™ Liners

QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System


QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System

The QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength™ System from Tregaskiss minimizes downtime, wire feeding and quality issues commonly associated with short liner length and can help  your welding operation save TIME and MONEY!

Click here to view the detailed product page or here to check out our NEW!! 3D animation.

Conventional MIG Gun Liners from Tregaskiss



Conventional Liners

Tregaskiss Conduit Liners for MIG welding guns are made of high carbon music wire for smooth wire feed and long life. Installation occurs from the rear of the MIG gun. Learn more about Conventional Liners.