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AccuLock™ HDP Contact Tips

Regain as much as 95% of lost productivity for contact tip changes

With the new AccuLock HDP Contact Tip, you can now enjoy all the benefits of pulse welding plus dramatically extended contact tip life for increased production throughput.


  • Adoption of pulse welding waveforms can DOUBLE contact tip replacement frequency and related downtime when using copper or chrome zirconium contact tips
  • One contact tip change can create 10-15 minutes of downtime on average (based on user feedback)


  • AccuLock HDP Contact Tips last 6-10x longer than copper and chrome zirconium tips
  • Users have gone from changing contact tips 2-4x each shift to 1x after 3 shifts or longer
  • Compatible with AccuLock R Diffusers and Tregaskiss Nozzles, with no change to TCP

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Take YOUR production uptime and efficiency to a new high with AccuLock HDP Contact Tips

C122 Copper Tip Comparison
Chrome Zirconium Tip Comparison
HDP Tip Comparison

Users of pulse welding typically see a 2X increase in contact tip replacement frequency and related downtime when using copper and chrome zirconium tips. Faster contact tip deterioration is caused by peaks in pulse waveforms where energy/heat is 5X greater than CV welding. 

Engineered with a special alloy that has superior resistance to arc erosion and wear, these tips last 6-10X longer than copper and chrome zirconium tips. Additional benefits include increased arc stability for improved weld quality and reduced spatter.

 HDP Contact Tips provide:

  • Extended contact tip life
  • Superior resistance to arc erosion and mechanical wear
  • Reduced arc start failures and unexpected burn-backs
  • High conductivity for improved arc stability
  • Precision-engineered for extreme repeatability of through bore

Click the Compatibility tab to see if your welding application is a match for AccuLock HDP Contact Tips


Test parameters: 120 minutes arc on time (20 min x 6 cycles), High Speed Pulse waveform, ER70S3 .045” Cu coated solid wire from bulk package (ER480S3 in Canada), 450 ipm wire feed speed, 40-45 ipm travel speed, 90/10 mixed gas, 240-260 average amps, Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN® CA3 Gun with 22 degree neck


Welding Application Compatibility

1.  Are you running high frequency pulse welding?

2.  Do you have solid copper-coated wires?

3.  Is your wire size 0.035", 0.039", 0.045" or 0.052"?

If you answered YES to all three questions, then your system is compatible!


Series Components & Compatibility

Easily upgrade from TOUGH LOCK® and other consumables with no impact to Tool Center Point (TCP) and no need to reprogram.


TOUGH GUN® Reamer Compatibility

AccuLock HDP Contact Tips are also compatible with the TOUGH GUN® TT3 Reamer Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station.

AccuLock™ HDP Contact Tips


0.035" (0.9 mm)


0.039" (1.0 mm)


0.045" (1.2 mm)


0.052" (1.3 mm)

AccuLock™ R Gas Diffusers


Gas diffuser, thread-on


Gas diffuser, slip-on

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