TOUGH GUN™ Neck Checking Fixture

The TOUGH GUN™ Neck Checking Fixture tests the tolerance of a robotic MIG gun's neck to tool center point (TCP). Should the neck be out of tolerance due to impact or prolonged usage, this fixture can be used to realign the neck.


Features and Benefits

  • Prolongs the life of your neck — readjust a bent neck instead of replacing it
  • Prevents costly rework due to missed weld joints
  • Prevents downtime for reprogramming the robot to match a bent neck
  • Heavy duty precision-tooled steel base
  • Realigns neck tool center point (TCP) 
  • Accommodates all standard sized necks

Ordering Information


Checking fixture for Quick-Change Air-Cooled neck

G-405CA and G-495-8

Checking fixture for TOUGH GUN I.C.E.™ Setup