TGX Easy As 1-2-3! Program

Minimize Inventory. Maximize Inventory Turns.

The TGX® Easy As 1-2-3! program offers distributors the flexibility of configuring a TGX semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun right in their store to quickly meet the needs of their customers.

TGX semi-automatic air-cooled MIG guns are recommended for light- to medium-duty welding applications with shorter arc-on times.

Choose the Bernard® TGX semi-automatic air-cooled MIG gun that’s right for you!

To determine the parts required to configure your TGX MIG gun, you will need to know the following information:

  1. What amperage and gun length do you need? This determines the required chassis. Refer to the Chassis section below.
  2. What model of wire feeder are you using? This determines the required power pin and control plug. Refer to the Power Pin section below.
  3. What wire size are you using? This determines the required contact tip and liner. Refer to the Consumables section below.

Find your amperage and gun length in the chart below to determine the TGX chassis you require. A chassis is essentially an assembled MIG gun minus the contact tip, liner, power pin and control plug.

Amperage10 ft Length15 ft Length
180 amp (XS)XS1810XS1815
260 amp (XS)XS2610XS2615

Find your wire feeder brand in the chart below to determine the power pin and control plug (optional) that you require.

Feeder BrandPower PinEuro AdaptorControl Plug
Hobart®214 (Tweco® #4)N/A419-8
Miller®214-1 (Miller)N/A419-4
Lincoln®214-2 (Lincoln)N/A419-6
Note: The Euro adaptor is not available for 180 amp or 260 amp TGX MIG guns.

Find your wire size in the chart below to determine the contact tip and liner you require.

Gun ModelDiffuserNozzleContact TipNeck InsulatorNeckLiners
180DS-A1-CNS-A1218BSee chart below4623R205-60L2A-15 (0.030″ – 0.035″)
260DS-A1-CNS-A1218BSee chart below4623R205-60L3B-15 (0.035″ – 0.045″)

AccuLock™ S Contact Tips

Part NumberDescription
T-A023CH0.023″ (0.6 mm); qty.10
T-A030CH0.030″ (0.8 mm); qty. 10
T-A030CH-1000.030″ (0.8 mm); qty. 100
T-A030CH-10000.030″ (0.8 mm); qty. 1000
T-A035CH0.035″ (0.9 mm); qty. 10
T-A035CH-1000.035″ (0.9 mm); qty. 100
T-A035CH-10000.035″ (0.9 mm); qty. 1000
T-A039CH0.039″ (1.0 mm); qty. 10
T-A039CH-1000.039″ (1.0 mm); qty. 100
T-A039CH-10000.039″ (1.0 mm); qty. 1000
T-A045CH0.045″ (1.2 mm); qty. 10
T-A045CH-1000.045″ (1.2 mm); qty. 100
T-A045CH-10000.045″ (1.2 mm); qty. 1000