PRODUCT CHANGE — AccuLock™ Conventional Liner Gas Diffusers

PRODUCT CHANGE — AccuLock™ S Conventional Liner Gas Diffusers — O-Ring Color Change to Gray

All AccuLock S conventional liner gas diffusers began shipping with a gray o-ring instead of a black o-ring on February 22, 2023. The gray o-ring makes it easier to tell the difference between an AccuLock S dual-locked liner gas diffuser and an AccuLock S conventional liner gas diffuser.

O Ring change on D-A1-C Diffuser

For reference, the AccuLock gas diffuser part numbers listed below will be assembled with a gray o-ring:

Part NumberDescription
D-A1-CAccuLock S Gas Diffuser, Large Nozzle, Thread-On, Conventional Liner
D-A2-CAccuLock S Gas Diffuser, Large Nozzle, Slip-On, Conventional Liner
DS-A1-CAccuLock S Gas Diffuser, Small Nozzle, Thread-On, Conventional Liner
DS-A2-CAccuLock S Gas Diffuser, Small Nozzle, Slip-On, Conventional Liner

Product Improvement – LSR+ (Plus) Unicables

LSR+ Unicables with SmoothTurn Technology

October 11, 2022

For use with TOUGH GUN® TA3 ThruArm® series robotic MIG guns, LSR+ (Low-Stress Robotic) unicables incorporate new SmoothTurn™ technology to maximize production uptime.

Conventional style unicables typically come with a connection that limits rotational capabilities and produces torsional stress in the cable. Unlike conventional unicables, the LSR+ incorporates a rotating power connection that reduces this stress during rotation. Additionally, a protective external conduit contributes to cable longevity by shielding components from harsh welding environments.

Stress Relieving Features

  • SmoothTurn Technology reduces frictional forces on internal components increasing overall cable life up to 300%
  • Enhanced electrical connections provide a more stable arc, resulting in less spatter and longer cable life
  • Unique internal components improve support and bend radius of the cable during heavy robot articulation