Recommended Operating Tips



  1. If anti-spatter is used, do not coat nozzle insulator, as this may degrade insulating material. Click here to learn about TOUGH GARD™ Anti-Spatter Products from Tregaskiss.
  2. Nozzle should be cleaned as often as possible. Spatter buildup can often lead to poor gas shielding or short-circuiting between the contact tip and the nozzle.
  3. Spatter should be removed with the proper tools designed for spatter removal.
  4. In high temperature welding applications, heavy duty consumables are recommended.

Contact Tips, Retaining Heads and Gas Diffusers:

  1. Contact tips may be removed and rotated in retaining head / gas diffuser, providing an additional wear surface and extending the service life of the product.
  2. Inspect nozzle for spatter adhesion, blocked gas ports and carburized contact surfaces. Clean as often as possible.
  3. If TOUGH GARD Anti-Spatter Liquid is used, periodically check gas ports for blockage.


  1. Periodically check torques of body tube and end fittings. Loose fitting can cause overheating and premature failure of the gun.
  2. Sharp bends and loops in the cable should be avoided. Often the best solution is to suspend the wire feeder from a boom or trolley, thus eliminating a large number of bends and keeping the cable clear of hot weldments.
  3. Do not immerse liner into solvents for cleaning; the liner may be periodically blown out with compressed air.
  4. Avoid rough surfaces and sharp edges that can cause tears and nicks in cable jacket which can cause premature failure.
  5. Periodically check all cables and ground connections.
  6. Use anti-seize on all threaded connections.

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