PRODUCT UPDATE — Tregaskiss Fixed Automatic Series MIG Guns

September 23, 2020

AccuLock R consumables family of contact tips, nozzles and diffusers
AccuLock R Consumables

Tregaskiss is pleased to announce updates to our fixed automatic series MIG guns:

Now available with AccuLock R consumables

AccuLock™ R consumables are designed for increased tip life, and virtually eliminate contact tip cross-threading issues to help reduce both your planned and unplanned downtime.

New Online Configurators and Reverse Lookup Tools

Customers can configure all fixed automatic MIG guns to required specifications or reverse lookup existing gun part numbers.

Part number change to MW1 fixed automatic water-cooled MIG guns

Tregaskiss® MW1 fixed automatic water-cooled MIG gun part numbers have been changed from the 46 and 64 series part numbering convention. Customers can look up legacy part numbers using the new Tregaskiss MW1 MIG gun part number conversion tool.

New Spec Sheets

Get more information for all consumables and replacement parts for your Tregaskiss fixed automatic MIG guns:

  • SP-MA1 | Tregaskiss MA1 fixed automatic air-cooled MIG guns spec sheet
  • SP-MW1 | Tregaskiss MW1 fixed automatic water-cooled MIG guns spec sheet
  • SP-AW2 | Tregaskiss AW2 fixed automatic water-cooled MIG guns spec sheet

Learn more about our fixed automatic MIG guns or AccuLock R consumables.