Tregaskiss® Fixed Automatic Series MIG Guns

September 23, 2020

Tregaskiss is pleased to announce updates for our Fixed Automatic Series MIG Guns: 



Now Available with AccuLock™ R Consumables

AccuLock R Consumables are designed for increased tip life, and virtually eliminate contact tip cross-threading issues to help reduce both your planned and unplanned downtime:


New Online Configurators and Reverse Lookup

Customers can configure all fixed automatic MIG guns to required specifications and also reverse lookup existing gun part numbers:


New Part Number Convention

Tregaskiss MW1 Fixed Automatic Water-Cooled MIG gun part number has been updated from the 46 & 64 series. Customers can look up legacy part numbers using the new MW1 MIG gun part number conversion tool:


New Spec Sheets 

Get more information for all consumables and replacement parts: