PRODUCT UPDATE Tregaskiss® 600 amp Robotic Water-Cooled MIG Guns Now Available With AccuLock™ R Consumables

600 amp robotic water cooled MIG gun installed on robot

AccuLock R consumables family including contact tips, nozzle and slip-on diffuser

September 23, 2020

We are proud to announce new AccuLock R consumables are now available for Tregaskiss 600 amp robotic water-cooled MIG guns. Convert your existing gun from TOUGH LOCK® to AccuLock R consumables with no impact to Tool Center Point (TCP), or configure your new Tregaskiss 600 amp robotic water-cooled MIG gun with AccuLock R consumables today!    

The 600 amp robotic water-cooled MIG gun is ready to take on your most demanding welding applications. Its rugged design is tough and dependable enough to maximize productivity when welding thick plate or running prolonged duty cycles.

AccuLock R consumables are designed for increased tip life, and virtually eliminate contact tip cross-threading issues to help reduce both your planned and unplanned downtime.

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