PRODUCT UPDATE – New Handle Names for the Best of the Best Platform 

Beginning on June 2, 2014, Bernard's new Best of the Best Platform brings our Q-Gun™, S-Gun™ and T-Gun™ MIG Guns into a single gun line and single configurator. 
Since we now have six gun handle styles within a single configurator, we have developed the following naming scheme for our handles per the chart below:

(To view a larger image, simply click on any handle image in the chart below.) 

New Handle Name

Handle Image

B Series Small Curved Handle

B Series Large Curved Handle

O Series Small Curved Handle

O Series Large Curved Handle

T Series Small Straight Handle

T Series Large Straight Handle


Please note that all handle and trigger combinations previously offered continue to be available within the Best of the Best Platform. 

To view a summary of trigger options and other features by handle, please click here.