New Swivel Design on the Bernard FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun

The improved swivel design on the Bernard® FILTAIR™ fume extraction MIG gun now uses threads to retain the vacuum hose and eliminates the front band-it clamp from both amperage models. This redesign will improve performance and avoids replacing the hose clamp with a larger head.

What Changed?

The new design threads into the vacuum hose and cannot be removed unless the hose is cut to remove it from the threads. Removing the front band-it clamp also eliminates the possibility of the clamp getting snagged on other equipment, gloves, clothing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did any part numbers change?

Answer: The new threaded swivels are backwards compatible with existing guns. As a result, swivel part numbers did not change.

  • 300 amp = 2810008
  • 400 amp = 2810009

How can you tell the difference between the old version and the new 2013 design?

Answer: New 2013 design will not have the metal front band-it clamp located on the hose near the rear of the handle. See Figure below: 

Image of FILTAIR connection bracket - OLD
OLD Version
Image of FILTAIR connection bracket removed - NEW
New 2013 Design