AccuLock Consumables

Designed to address the key pains of our semi-automatic and automated MIG welding customers

Use the same AccuLock™ contact tips across your Bernard® semi-automatic and Tregaskiss® fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns.

Acculock S and R Consumable family share a common contact tip
  • Increase consumable life to decrease costs and increase productivity
  • Reduce consumables replacement errors to reduce troubleshooting, rework and downtime
  • Simplify consumables replacement to increase accuracy and reduce employee training requirements

Choose from AccuLock consumable series options – AccuLock S and AccuLock R to achieve the above in the most effective way possible depending upon your mix of welding applications

Which AccuLock Consumables Are Right for Your Welding Operation?

Based on discussions with customers in key industries, we found that MIG gun consumables challenges differed depending on the quantity and mix of welding applications in each customer’s facility (i.e. semi-automatic, robotic, fixed automatic).

If you have all semi-automatic or automated arcs, the choice of AccuLock consumables is more straightforward. However, with the increasing adoption of automated welding to address the ongoing welder shortage, many operations now have a mix of welding application types. Click on the tab below that best describes your welding applications mix to learn more:

If you are experiencing the following welding challenges, we recommend using AccuLock S nozzles, diffusers, liners, power pins and power pin caps with AccuLock contact tips:

  • Birdnests
  • Burnbacks
  • Erratic arc
  • Short contact tip lifespan
  • Excessive rework

Many of the issues above can be traced to MIG gun liners that have been trimmed to an incorrect length or that pull out of position inside the MIG gun creating gaps along the wire feed path.

If your primary issues center around a complex and costly inventory of MIG gun consumables, we recommend that you use AccuLock R consumables as a Common Consumables Platform™ across all your semi-automatic, robotic and fixed automatic MIG guns. Issues typically experienced include:

  • Frequent errors in selecting and installing replacement consumables
  • High inventory carrying costs
  • Pressure from Purchasing to reduce SKUs

If your primary welding challenges are specific to the different welding applications in your operation, we recommend that you use a mix of consumables:

For issues specific to each application, please see the All Semi-Automatic Welding Arcs and All Automated Welding Arcs tabs.

If you are experiencing the following welding challenges, we recommend using TOUGH LOCK™ nozzles, AccuLock R diffusers, QUICK LOAD liners and AccuLock contact tips:

  • Short contact tip lifespan – especially in pulse welding applications
  • Contact tip cross-threading issues
  • Excessive downtime for consumables replacement
  • Safety issues related to climbing up to access robots or wire feeders for gun liner changes

Many of the contact tip issues above can be addressed by selecting from our AccuLock copper, chrome zirconium and HDP contact tips. Our front-loading QUICK LOAD liner system cuts liner replacement time in half and allows operators to access the robot from a safe zone in the robotic cell.

Nozzle Cleaning Stations

TOUGH GUN TT4 Reamer - front view

Automating spatter removal helps to extend the life of your robotic MIG guns and consumables, benefiting your bottom line, production uptime and throughput. Choose between our TOUGH GUN® TT4A reamer (analog model), or our new TOUGH GUN TT4E reamer (ethernet model) further enhanced with digital ethernet communication for better integration.

TOUGH GUN TT4 Reamer promo tile GIF - shows spatter being reamed off a nozzle
TT4A Reamer (Analog)
TT4E Reamer (Ethernet)
Communications protocolManual Source/SinkSignal from PLC
Sprayer comes standardYesYes
Anti-spatter fluid reservoir (comes standard) YesYes
Low fluid level indicator (comes standard)YesYes
Dedicated motor lubricator (comes standard)YesYes
Spray containment unit (comes standard)YesYes
Spindle (full stroke distance)YesYes
4-sided v-block for standard nozzle sizes YesYes
Tregaskiss® cutter blade compatibleYesYes
Quick-change base plateYesYes
Daisy chain compatibility to minimize cell wiringNoYes
Double stroke functionNoYes
Program custom ream cycleNoYes
Network connectionNoYes
Optional nozzle detect availableYesYes
Optional wire cutter availableYesYes
Optional filter/regulatorYesYes
Compatible with TOUGH GUN® reamer stand*YesYes
Compatible with TOUGH GARD® anti-spatter multi-feed system*YesYes

*Sold separately

Identify TOUGH GUN TT4A reamer by part number and set switch plate
TOUGH GUN TT4A Reamer (side views)
Identify TOUGH GUN TT4E reamer by part number and set switch plate
TOUGH GUN TT4E Reamer (side views)