Oil and Gas

Large gas processing facility

Energy is the lifeblood of today’s economy and the basis of our collective prosperity and quality of life. As an operator, EPC firm, contractor or OEM building pipelines for oil, gas and petrochemical products, you are not prepared to compromise quality or sacrifice productivity to meet tight delivery schedules, quality specifications and budget constraints. You are looking for welding products and vendors with longstanding reputation for innovation, durability, technical know-how, and best-in-class service.  

At Tregaskiss and Bernard, our goal is to partner with our customers in delivering world-class pipeline projects. We were the first to perfect the Dual Shield welding process (now known as Flux Core Arc Welding), a vital technology for field welding. Since then, we have continued to provide industry leading innovative, rugged and long-lasting welding guns and consumables. Whether you are in a fabrication facility in a metro area or a pipe trench in a remote rugged terrain, our welding solutions are built to deliver world-class quality results every time, and with increased productivity.



    Large ship under construction

    As a shipbuilder, you have tight deadlines and your customers expect top quality on every build or repair project you deliver. This means you need a MIG welding gun and consumables that are locally manufactured, readily available and proven to last. Bernard delivers robust, North American-made MIG welding guns, featuring gun cables that provide extra structural integrity for superior pinch resistance, and high-performance consumables you can rely on.


      Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

      Close-up of orange farm tractors

      You’re building everything from lawn tractors to construction site dump trucks and everything in between. With a variety of base materials thicknesses and welded part sizes to manage, you need a welding gun and consumables partner that offers a wide range of configurable, reliable, and easy to use MIG guns.

      You also need that partner that can support both semi-automatic and robotic welding applications ideally with shared parts and consumables across all your MIG guns as you increase automation in response to the ongoing welder shortage.


        General Manufacturing & Fabrication

        Aerial view of tank manufacturing facility

        As a contract manufacturer or fabrication shop, delivering quality products with high productivity and demonstrable value are important to you. Your clients depend on you for world-class fabricated metal products while you cope with skilled worker shortage, competition from low cost regions and rising customer demands.  

        Tregaskiss and Bernard understand this. For more than 50 years, we have been partners with North America’s fabricated metal product manufacturers and fabrication shops, providing industry leading innovative, easy-to-use and durable MIG guns and consumables that our customers trust. From caged robot and collaborative robot (cobot) to fixed automatic and semi-automatic welding applications, our solutions are built to deliver world-class quality results every time, and with increased productivity.



          Lineup of cars and SUVs

          Quality and throughput matter to you there is no place in your multi-shift operation for costly unplanned downtime or weld quality issues. Tregaskiss welding solutions provide you with the accuracy, reliability and ease of service that you need to keep your robotic and semi-automatic MIG welding applications running smoothly and efficiently.



            Although Bernard and Tregaskiss welding guns and consumables can be found in almost all industries that employ MIG welding, products and information specific to several key industries is accessible below: