New TOUGH GUN™ Robotic Air-Cooled Guns Combine Top Features of Legacy Products, Include Valuable Upgrades

WINDSOR, Ontario. November 18, 2014 — Responding to the demands of customers’ evolving welding needs, Tregaskiss has introduced the third evolution of its TOUGH GUN™ Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun product line: new TOUGH GUN CA3 and TOUGH GUN TA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Guns. These MIG guns bring together the top features of the company’s TOUGH GUN G1 and G2 Series Robotic MIG Guns, as well as valuable upgrades to enhance durability, reliability and accuracy.  A new sleek black gun body simplifies identification of the new guns compared to legacy products, but current part numbers will remain unchanged.           

TOUGH GUN™ CA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

Both new air-cooled guns feature a re-engineered neck clamp that improves durability and consistency of clamping force, along with additional standard neck options that allow companies to expand the range of tool center points (TCPs) and working envelopes. Additional standard options reduce costs and lead times for special necks and/or arms, while also simplifying the transition from standard TOUGH GUN G2 Series configurations.        

TOUGH GUN TA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun

The TOUGH GUN CA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun is a replacement for the TOUGH GUN G1 Series MIG Gun that maintains TCP with minimal or no robotic programming touch ups. Designed for conventional robotic welding systems, the new gun also features a new replaceable unicable that promotes extended service life to up to twice that of standard unicables, reducing costs and downtime for changeover. This benefit is the result of a new dual layer cable; the outer jacket resists ultraviolet radiation and abrasion while the inner layer is specifically formulated to resist thermal fatigue. The copper content of the new replaceable unicable has also been increased compared to standard unicables, allowing for operation at higher current ranges.                  

Designed for today’s through-arm style robots, the TOUGH GUN TA3 Robotic Air-Cooled MIG Gun is a direct replacement for the TOUGH GUN ThruArm G1 Series MIG Gun and features the exclusive Tregaskiss Low-Stress Robotic (LSR) Unicable, a rotating power connection that allows for stress-free rotation.                    

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