NEW PRODUCT – Tregaskiss® BA1 Cobot Air-Cooled MIG Gun

March 31, 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Tregaskiss BA1 cobot air-cooled MIG gun.

New Tregaskiss BA1 cobot MIG gun simply gets the job done

Tregaskiss has incorporated its well-known and dependable performance into the new BA1 cobot MIG gun. The gun’s simple and durable design helps operators stay focused on welding, not troubleshooting, to help increase uptime and throughput.

Tregaskiss delivers the BA1 cobot MIG gun fully assembled, including AccuLock™ R consumables. The optional free drive button can seamlessly communicate with your cobot and is simple to install via a single plug. This, along with minimal fasteners and a precision-machined keyway mounting system, make installation of the gun and mounting arm quick, easy and accurate.

Designed for increased tip life, AccuLock consumables virtually eliminates contact tip cross-threading issues. Helping minimize downtime, improve weld quality and further drive productivity.

AccuLock consumables are part of a Common Consumables Platform™ and are compatible with Bernard® semi-automatic MIG guns, and Tregaskiss fixed automatic and robotic MIG guns.

Download the new BA1 Spec Sheet