NEW PRODUCT – Common Straight Rear Strain Relief for the Best of the Best Platform

New Best of the Best Platform Guns, launching on June 2, 2014, will feature a common straight rear strain relief (shown right) on amost all configurations.  This straight rear strain relief was originally introduced on Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN Semi-Automatic MIG Guns and allows expansion or maintenance of several key features:

  • Allows the QUICK LOAD Liner and QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System to be offered with your choice of curved or straight front handle style
  • Allows the Double Life MIG Gun System to continue to be available to customers who select a straight front handle whereby you can easily switch the front and back ends of the gun if your cable becomes worn at one end.
  • Comes with a Lifetime warranty


Exceptions: Black Clamshell Rear Strain Relief with Bernard and Euro Power Pins

Only Best of the Best Platform Guns configured with Bernard or Euro power pins will incorporate the black clamshell rear strain relief originally introduced on Bernard Q-Gun and S-Gun MIG Guns.  This rear strain relief is also now covered by the same Lifetime Warranty offered on the straight rear strain relief (above) for BTB Platform Guns.

Please note the following liner compatibilities: