Bernard FILTAIR Fume Extraction Gun

Keeping a clean working environment is important.

That’s why Bernard engineered the FILTAIR™ fume extraction gun.

Get right to the source and extract fumes at the weld bead with this new gun!

FILTAIR fume extraction MIG gun with call outs identifying extraction control regulator and vacuum hose swivel
  • Vacuum regulator on front of handle allows balance of suction with shielding gas flow to protect against porosity
  • Smaller, light weight handle improves maneuverability and operator comfort
  • Vacuum hose swivel on rear of handle improves flexibility and reduces wrist fatigue
  • Compatible with vacuum systems from most major manufacturers
  • Available in 300 and 400 amp models
  • Available with Centerfire™ or Quik Tip™ consumables that ensure reliable arc starting, help reduce spatter and are longer lasting than competitive brands
  • Smaller vacuum chamber improves joint access and visibility
  • Guns configured with a Miller direct plug include a Miller® FILTAIR vacuum hose adapter