Bernard Conventional Liners

Compatible with BTB Semi-Automatic MIG Guns and Legacy Q-Gun, S-Gun, & T-Gun Series MIG Guns

Image of old universal liners

Launched on June 2, 2014, the new Bernard® conventional liners are compatible with all legacy Q-Gun™, S-Gun™ and T-Gun™ MIG guns and all BTB platform guns, which allows you to simplify and reduce your inventory. The image to the right shows how the previous liner locks were merged in the design of  the new Bernard conventional liner to maximize backwards compatibility.

Due to this customer-friendly backwards compatibility, the part numbers below supersede previous Bernard conventional liner part numbers.

Made of high carbon music wire for smooth wire feed and long life, Bernard conventional liners are available in lengths of up to 25 feet (7.6 m) and are color coded for your convenience to indicate a variety of wire sizes.  Please see the chart below for part numbers, wire sizes, and color coding information:

New Bernard Conventional Liners

Wire SizeLiner Color15′ (4.57 m)25′ (7.62 m)
0.023″-0.030″Yellow L1A-15 L1A-25
0.035″-0.045″White L3A-15* L3A-25*
0.045″- 1/16″RedL3A-15**L4A-25**
5/64″ BlueL6A-15L6A-25
7/64″-1/8″Black L8A-15 L8A-25

*Standard Liner for 0.035″-0.045″ Guns
**Standard Liner for 1/16″ Guns

Bernard and Tregaskiss Conventional Liner to New Bernard Conventional Liner Cross Reference Chart for Bernard Semi-Automatic MIG Guns

Wire SizeBernard Liner Part NumberTregaskiss Liner Part NumberNew Bernard Conventional Liner Part Number
0.035″ – 0.045″44115415-35-15LS3-15
0.035″- 0.045″43115 L3B-15
0.045″ – 1/16″44215415-116-15L4A-15
0.045″ – 1/16″43215 L4B-15
5/64″44315415-564-15 L6A-15
3/32″ 45415 415-332-15L7A-15
1/8″46715615-18-15 L8A-15

NOTE: Tregaskiss conventional liner numbers will continue to be offered due to their continued use in Tregaskiss robotic MIG guns.